The following dead-lines are important in the Taxation and Financial calendar. All clients should endeavour to meet these dead-lines in good time so that all documents can be correctly processed. Remember, that failure to meet certain deadlines can lead to the imposition of surcharges, interest and penalties by the Revenue Commissioners. Interest on over due taxes is charged at 0.0219% per day. Delays increase the risk of a Revenue Audit.

  • 31st October - Last date for filing self-assessment income and capital gains tax returns (applies to individuals, partnerships and company directors). This is also the final date for payment of preliminary tax. Pension premiums should also be paid by this date to qualify for tax relief in the previous tax year. This date is extended to 16th November for tax payers who pay and file through the Revenue On-line Service (ROS).
  • 14th Monthly - PAYE employers returns.
  • 19th Bi-Monthly - VAT returns.
  • 15th February - End of year employer returns (P35).

Important Notes for Companies
Tax returns must always be submitted within nine months from the end of the accounting date but no later than 21st day of that month.

Inheritance Tax
A self-assessment inheritance tax return must be submitted within four months of the valuation date to avoid interest charges. In most instances the 'valuation date' will be the date on which a grant of probate issues. 'Gifts' are also covered by self-assessment rules.



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